50+ Voice Network Newsletters

The 50+ Voice Network Newsletter has a circulation of approximately 1,500 copies going out to community members, staff, councillors and various community contact points across Trafford.

Approximately 4 to 6 50+ Voice Network Newsletters are produced each year. Each one includes news and information about what the Network has been involved in, details of future Network meetings and what is happening around the borough in terms of services available, changes to service delivery and events that may be of interest to the diverse 50+ population we have across Trafford.

Due to capacity and the nature of how and when Network events are planned, deadline dates for Newsletters are not fixed. If you have some information, a service or event you feel may be of interest to the 50+ Voice Network, please contact Alis Aspinall to discuss placement in the Newsletter and she will do her best to work with you.

You can contact Alis on 0161 962 7266 or email alis@vcatrafford.org. Alternatively you can use the text relay service on 18801 0161 962 7266.