Trafford Mental Health Advocacy Service


Trafford Mental Health Advocacy Service
0161 877 4330

Trafford Mental Health Advocacy Service (TMHAS) provides Independent Advocates for qualifiying patients detained under the Mental Health Act

The Mental Health Act 1983 deems a person to be a 'qualifying patient' if they are:

  • Detained under section 5.2 or 5.3 of the Mental Health Act, even if they are on section 17 leave from hospital.
  • A conditionally discharged restricted patient.
  • Subject to guardianship (section 5.7).
  • Subject to a supervised community treatment order (SCT).
  • An informal patient being considered for section 57 treatment (psychosurgery).
  • An informal patient aged under 18 and being considered for section 58a treatment (ECT).

TMHAS seeks to bring about changes in the lives of anyone, experiencing mental health difficulties, by enabling them to have a direct say in the issues that affect them and have their views and needs heard and acted upon.

TMHAS Advocates Can Help Get Your Voice Heard and Find Out Your Rights

  • Do you need someone to speak at your meetings or appointments?
  • Do you want support to make phone calls, write letters or ask questions?
  • Do you feel you need some help getting your point across?
  • Do you feel the need help to make complaints, or ask for reviews?
  • Do you want help to find out about your rights, get information or advice?

TMHAS is run by qualified Independent Mental Health Advocacy Workers who are trained to work within the framework of the Mental Health Act (1983) to provide additional safeguards to those detained under the act.

TMHAS is a FREE, impartial and confidential service available to anyone in Trafford who is a qualifiying patient.

For further information download OUR IMHA SERVICE leaflet

User-led Service
TMHAS as a service has been developed and guided by the Trafford Advocacy Advisory Group (TAAG), which is made up of people who use the service and are interested in mental health and advocacy.

TAAG advises how our services can be better and should develop in the future. To find out more please contact us on 0161 877 4330 to see how you can get involved.

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