Funding Updates

Communitybuilders Fund
Voluntary and community organisations can apply for Communitybuilders Feasibility Grants. Up to £500,000 will be available for organisations looking to research and develop a sustainable and entrepreneurial idea that meets the social needs of their local community. Communitybuilders are looking to award between 20 and 30 grants and up to five days business support to applicants with a proven track record. Organisations can apply for a maximum of £25,000 and minimum of £10,000 in this round of the fund. Deadline 13 April.

Ford Britain Trust
Community organisations that are located in and working in areas where the Ford Motor Company Limited operates can apply to the Ford Britain Trust. Next deadlines - for small grants up to £250, 1 June. For large grants (up to £3,000), 1 May.

Third Sector Excellence Awards
The Third Sector Excellence Awards offer public recognition of your organisation's outstanding achievements. To find out more, and to enter their website.

Archer Trust
The Archer Trust is a grant-making trust that supports small UK registered charities. They provide grants of between £250 and £3,000.

Hilden Charitable Trust
The Hilden Charitable Trust has allocated a small budget to help community groups run summer play schemes for disadvantaged communities. Some priority will be given to projects which show they are inclusive of children from refugee families, and show BME involvement.

Revive your neighbourhood
Community and voluntary organisations have been invited by the government to apply for a share of £100 million that will help revitalise communities and bring empty homes blighting their areas back into use. Deadline: 17 April

The Wakeham Trust
The Wakeham Trust gives preference to organisations that do not employ staff. Grants are provided to help people rebuild their communities, in particular neighbourhood projects, community arts projects, projects involving community service by young people, projects set up by those who are socially excluded, and innovative projects to promote excellence in teaching.

If you know anyone who works for WHSmith, ask them about their grant scheme. They aim to support the local communities in which WHSmith staff and customers live and work. WHSmith employees must have direct involvement with projects. Maximum value is £1,000 and applications can be made any time.

Sanofi 2012 Patient Group Bursary
Sanofi has launched its 2012 Patient Group Bursary. Patient groups entering the 2012 bursary scheme will need to demonstrate that their programmes can deliver improvements in patient empowerment and information. Applications are welcomed from patient groups in the broadest sense, be they local groups, social enterprises or even professional associations, for which three successful applicants will receive a grant to the value of either £25,000, £15,000 or £10,000